Official Microsoft video proves that Microsoft Office is like cocaine

[ Thanks to M.
for this link. ]

“What Microsoft published is not really a video about
office productivity. A good part of that video is about drug
addiction and nothing more. It says “we already fell addicted to
this specific drug, it feels good and we see no way out. So you
should take it too”. This is what I was feeling. Several of those
quotes really sound like statements from people who tried to free
themselves of cocaine or some other equally destructive substance
and failed, simply because they misunderstood their situation or
didn’t really care to succeed.

“The best (but not the only) case is the quote at 2 minutes, 30
seconds from the beginning:

“School CIO: When we returned to Microsoft Office after our
experience with OpenOffice you could practically hear a collective
sigh of relief across the entire district”

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