OLPC is the PC You Can’t Ever Criticize

“As Nicholas Negroponte said a year and a half ago in a
presentation on the OLPC: ‘people really don’t want to criticize
this because it is a humanitarian effort, it is a non-profit effort
and to criticize it is a little bit stupid actually.’ When I dared
question the need for OLPC mesh networking (criticism on
client-side mesh topology and not fixed wireless mesh or wired
mesh) since it is a solution to a problem that can be solved a lot
cheaper and better though other means, I got flooded with harsh
words and intimidation. I’ve had people accuse me of being a first
world rich snob even though I was actually born in the third world
and went to a mud-made school with holes for windows and doors. I
even had one person in the past get so personal in a forum that he
accused me of hating children, including my own…”


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