ONLamp.com: Is Open Source Un-American? [O’Reilly follows up on Allchin and Stallman]

[ Thanks to S.Ramaswamy for this link.

“I got a lot of email in response to my weblog, Shuttle
Diplomacy Between Jim Allchin and Richard Stallman, in which I
chronicled my efforts to mediate between Microsoft and the Free
Software Foundation. I answered a lot of the email, but I have also
asked some of the most vocal of the early respondents for their
permission to reprint their email to me.”

“My responses follow each message. In most cases, this is the
response as I sent it out in email. In a few cases, I’ve added a
few extra points or made small edits.”

“I’ve organized the discussion into four categories:

  • The best license for government-sponsored software
  • Kerberos and the dangers of embrace and extend
  • Breaking through the marketing firewall
  • A wolf in sheep’s clothing”


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