Online, Android, and iOS versions of LibreOffice are on the way

[ Thanks to Amy
for this link. ]

“The LibreOffice Online Prototype, developed by SUSE Linux
developer Michael Meeks, will be based on an HTML5 canvas and a
GTK+ Broadway framework developed by Red Hat’s Alex Larsson. The
prototype is not ready for public use yet, but a demo video is
available (Note: Your browser needs WebM support, such as
Chrome’s). Vignoli estimated the Online project will be ready in
about a year’s time.

“The port of LibreOffice to Android and iOS has basically been
completed, but only in terms of the code being compiled to the new
platforms. Vignoli emphasized that these flavors of LibreOffice
were assuredly not ready, because their user interfaces were still
based on the current LibreOffice interface and therefore useless in
Android and iOS. At least, for now. The LibreOffice ports to
Android and iOS is based on the voluntary work of Tor Lillqvist, a
SUSE Linux developer from Finland who was instrumentatl in porting
GIMP to Windows. “

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