OOXML Vote Tracker and Calculation Guide

“Like many I’m sure, I’m trying to keep track of the votes on
OOXML as they become known. I’ve set up a spreadsheet where I’m
recording votes as they become known, whether they are formal and
confirmed, or coming to light from other sources, and therefore to
a greater or lesser extent possibly not accurate, what the sources
are, and any associated comments (mostly from Pamela’s articles at
Groklaw, the most recent of which is being updated with new votes
as news comes in to her). You’ll find the most information about
specific country voting there, and at several of her prior blog
posts, including this one, this one, this one, and this one.

“For the benefit of those that want to get a quick look
throughout the weekend, I’ll post the running tally here of which
votes have switched, what the net change has been, now many votes
have come to light, and how many remain to be announced. It is
likely that it will not be possible to know the final vote until
all votes are in, due to the complicated, double test way in which
the vote is counted, which is complicated by the fact that the
final number of abstentions, and whether they move from ‘yes’ or
‘no’ votes, can decrease the number of votes that need to switch to
‘yes’ votes. For that reason, I also include an explanation of how
the complicated two-part test for approval will be

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