Open Letter to NetWinder.org contributors

To: All NetWinder.org Developers
From: Chris Herrnberger, Founder and Corp Liason

As of 4 PM EST today it was announced that Hardware Computing
Canada (HCC) has forwarded an expression of interest to aquire the
assets of Corel Computer Division and NetWinder technology.
NetWinder.org is an open source hardware/software development
project and as such is not considered part of the assests of Corel
Computer. I am forwarding this post simply to inform you that
NetWinder.org will remain as is and will continue to function as an
open source project: no change in that.

As further issues that affect the project develop, we will let
you know via these lists.

I want to thank you all for your tremendous work, your
enthusiasm and your dedication. Our success as a company has been
to a great extent based on your contributions as NetWinder Linux
developers. My hat is off to everyone of you!

Personally, I expect a very interesting ride should the deal
with HCC be completed. That’s only my opinion, your milage may

Once again, to all 1552 of you………. thankyou!!

Chris Herrnberger