Open Movie Editor: Linux Video Editor with Plot Twists

[ Thanks to sakgarg
for this link. ]

“Open Movie Editor is available via the repositories
for a number of distributions. It’s important to note, though, that
installing the editor in this manner doesn’t pull in all of the
filter effects that it supports, nor does it necessarily integrate
all of the codecs it can potentially work with. Open Movie Editor
uses LAME and ffmpeg for its encoding and decoding tasks. It also
uses the Frei0r Video Effect Plugin Standard, and source tarballs
and binary packages of these plugins are available from the Frei0r

“Kino has two advantages over Open Movie Editor — it
effectively puts a GUI on dvgrab, making it a bit easier to get
video from a digital camcorder on to a computer. It also has easily
implemented transitions, something that seemed to be lacking from
the Open Movie Editor. However, the Open Movie Editor allows for
finer tuning of some video manipulation aspects, and this effect
could be achieved with skilled crossfading. It seems as though Open
Movie Editor is aiming for a user base with a keener interest in
video editing than Kino’s users, but not necessarily the
demographic Cinelerra would appeal to.”

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