Open Source Deki Wiki by Mindtouch

“About three months ago I was looking for a wiki for a private
project and used WikiMatrix to figure out what wiki software best
met my needs. My main requirements were that the software was open
source, easy-to-use, and there was a free hosted version to play
around with. Unfortunately, there were a lot of choices that met
these criteria so I slogged through a bunch of options with little
luck and even some that fell outside my criteria. After a pretty
exhaustive search I came upon Deki Wiki an open source Wiki
platform by MindTouch. The bonus came when I found the free hosted
version of Deki Wiki at Wik.is.

“The reason I liked Deki Wiki was because the interface was
particularly easy to use and the WYSIWYG editor was intuitive (no
wiki mark-up to write) plus it seemed pretty straight-forward to