Open-Source Developers Speak Out About AMD

[ Thanks to Michael for this link.

“AMD started delivering on their word of providing GPU
specifications to the open-source community without a
Non-Disclosure Agreement, and now with the 2007 X Developer Summit
having come to a close, we asked several key members of the X.Org
community on how they judge AMD’s recent move. They were also asked
if they believe NVIDIA will follow suit in helping the open-source
community. Those that responded were David Airlie, Daniel Stone,
Jerome Glisse, Stephane Marchesin, and Oliver McFadden. Mark
Shuttleworth had also previously commented on AMD’s efforts.

“Daniel Stone serves as a board member for the X.Org Foundation,
is an X.Org developer, and FreeDesktop.org administrator. Daniel
Stone is also known for his work on the Nokia N770/800 Internet
tablets running Linux…”

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