Open Source Pioneer Levanta Goes Out of Business?

[ Thanks to Mark
for this link. ]

“Rumor has it that Linux and virtualization provider Levanta,
whose recent release of Levanta 6.0 earned it a
SearchEnterpriseLinux.com Product of the Year award, may have gone
belly up.

“At Levanta’s offices, no one is answering the phones, and a
press release has yet to be issued; but on the Mikes Thoughts blog
former Levanta Senior Director of Services Michael Perry said that
the writing is on the wall…”

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[Editor’s Note: This still falls in the rumor category, but
an unconfirmed tip from a former Levanta employee was sent this
morning to Linux Today indicating that Levanta had shuttered its
doors effective April 1. We are pursuing this lead to discover more
details. -BKP]