OpenSources: Debian 2.1 examined

Thanks to Pedro de las Heras for this link.

www.OpenResourceS.com has published a long technical article describing Debian 2.1, released today

“The new version of Debian, the 2.1, code named slink will be “unwrapped” at the beginning of March 1999, and will be the GNU/Linux distribution with the most programs ever.”

“Despite the fact that the latest stable version of the distribution was launched in June last year, the group of developers who maintain it gave themselves until the end of that same year as the deadline to launch the next version. However, it had to be postponed due to delays in fixing bugs detected in the packages that comprise it and having to modify the installation to enable the use of more than one CD, (Debian does not longer fit on one CD, more information later). Other important factors causing the delay were the ratification, around the same date, of its first Constitution and the election of a new Project Leader, Wichert Ackerman, to take over from Ian Jackson (a key person in the growth of Debian).”

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