OpenSUSE 11.2 Arrives

[ Thanks to Steven J.
for this link. ]

“I’ve been running SUSE distributions on my desktops
and servers for years now, and they’ve always worked well. Indeed,
if you’re looking for a corporate Windows desktop replacement, SLED
(SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop) 11, openSUSE’s business
big-brother, stands heads and shoulders above the Linux desktop
competition. Indeed, Novell’s SLED is the most strongly supported
Linux business desktop offering out there.

“This hints at what, traditionally, I’ve always found to be the
SUSE Linux’s family greatest strength: stability. All of the Linux
distributions are more stable than their Windows rivals, that goes
without saying, but SUSE Linuxes, more often than not, are rock
solid. They may not be the most cutting edge, that honor usually
goes to Fedora. They may not be the most popular, that’s Ubuntu of
course. But, by gosh, they work and they work and they… you get
the idea. Even by Linux standards, where reboots come once or twice
a year, if that, SUSE stands out.”


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