openSUSE Conference: A Time for Introspection?

[ Thanks to Amy
for this link. ]

“I don’t want to be rude, but could somebody tell me
what happened at the openSUSE Conference last week?

“In case you missed it, and many seem to have, the second annual
conference took place in Nürnberg, Germany on Oct. 20-23. The
conference, which had the theme “Collaboration across Borders,”
seemed almost completely non-existent in the US tech media. Most of
the coverage I could find was in the German trade press. Hardly any
beyond that.

“Now, I have to ask, is this the fault of the media or the
organizers of the conference? I’ll take the hit and say this was
mostly our fault, because other than the run-up to the Ubuntu
Developer Summit this week, there wasn’t that much going on last
week that no one could have paid attaention to this event.

“But it is equally true that there wasn’t much press being
generated before or during the conference, which typically serves
as a keystone event for the openSUSE development and vendor
community. Why would this be the case?”

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