Oracle: Offer – New Linux Technology Track Available!

Take advantage of an early-bird discount on the new Internet
Servers for Linux Technology Track.

Technology Tracks are bundles of production Oracle software
targeted at different development disciplines. You have the option
of purchasing a 12-month subscription to a Technology Track at
US$200 per track, however if you purchase the Internet Servers for
Linux Track via the following URL, you will receive a
20-268437064iscount until September 3, 1999.

To get your Internet Servers for Linux Technology Track at a 20
discount, please visit: http://technet.oracle.com/tech/linux

Also of Interest for Linux

XML Utilities – XML is the W3C standard for information exchange
on the Internet. With the integration of XML technology, the Oracle
Internet Platform is an increasingly powerful alternative for
deploying Internet applications. C and C++ XML parsers are now
available for Linux.