Orange Crate: A Surgical Analysis of the SCO Group Imbroglio

“Although the title of this article might lead you to believe
that it would take apart the claims of the SCO Group on a point by
point basis, do not expect to read such dissection hereafter.
Instead, what I propose to do is to act more like a surgeon, and to
cut to the source of the malady. I intend to perform a biopsy by
taking a sample of the cancerous argument and analyzing its origins
so that it may be successfully diagnosed and a treatment plan
prescribed, so that the arguments are proscribed.

“I shall set aside the argument of patent versus copyright and
even copyright ownership within this case as that shall come to the
table soon enough. I shall also set aside the argument of origin of
the claimant SCO Group files, as that too shall be debated by the
experts. That is not the purpose of surgeon; he does not seek to
argue the course of a disease but to end its cause…”


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