O’Reilly — Ask Tim: Open Source, Patents and O’Reilly

“I have struggled with this issue since RMS first approached me
to sign on to his campaign. I’ve declined to urge a boycott because
I do think that Amazon provides an incredible service, and one that
many of our customers find valuable. At the same time, I
completely agree with RMS that the Amazon 1-Click Patent is one
more example of an “intellectual property” milieu gone

“In the first place, this patent should have never been allowed.
It’s a completely trivial application of cookies, a technology that
was introduced several years before Amazon filed for their

“I also want to say that a patent on something like “1-Click
ordering” is a slap in the face of Tim Berners-Lee and all of the
other pioneers who created the opportunity that Amazon has done
such a good job of exploiting. Amazon wouldn’t have existed without
the generosity of people like Tim, who made legitimate,
far-reaching inventions, and put them out into the public domain
for all to build upon.”