O’Reilly Network: Kylix is Coming! Delphi and C++ Builder Invade Linux

“A “kylix” is a shallow, two-handled drinking vessel from
Ancient Greece. It is also the codename for Borland’s next foray
into Linux: porting their successful Delphi and C++ Builder
products from Microsoft Windows to Linux. This article introduces
Delphi and C++ Builder to Linux programmers, examines what is
currently known about Kylix, and makes some educated guesses about
what we can expect.”

“On the server side, we have Delphi’s proven track record for
writing powerful software to support Web, database, and other
servers. On Windows, you can create CGI, NSAPI, or ISAPI extensions
with drag and drop ease. I expect similar CGI and Apache support in

“Instead of using interpreted and byte-compiled code on your
server; Kylix will give you powerful, object-oriented languages,
with native compiled and optimized code, and design-time wizards to
facilitate server-side scripting, database connectivity, and so on.
For desktop applications, you have an easy-to-use, but powerful GUI
builder, access to the popular desktop widget sets, and an
object-oriented component framework. The IDE includes a WYSIWYG
form editor, WYSIWYG menu builder, and an extensible selection of

“I expect to see a wealth of new desktop applications,
written in Kylix, making the everyday use of Linux easier than