O’Reilly Network: Living Linux: Outputting Text

GNU Enscript is a tool that takes plain text as input and
writes PostScript output, doing any number of formatting changes in
between. It’s great for quickly making nice output of a plain text
— you can use it to do things like output text in a font
of your choosing, or paginate text with graphical headers at the
top of each page.”

“By default, enscript paginates its input, outputs it in a
10-point Courier font, and puts a simple header at the top of each
page containing the filename, date and time, and page number in
bold. Use the -B option to omit this header….”

“Most Linux installations nowadays have print filters set up so
that PostScript spooled for printing is automatically converted to
a format the printer understands (if your system doesn’t have this
set up for some reason, convert the PostScript to a format
recognized by your printer with the gs tool).”