O’Reilly Network: Program Your Computer to See [Intel Open Source Computer Vision Library on Linux]

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“In June of this year, at the IEEE Computer Society
Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, Intel
announced the availability of the first alpha version of its “Open
Source Computer Vision Library” (OSCVL) for Microsoft Windows. On
September 13th, the library, version Alpha3.1, was made available
for Linux
for the first time.”

“The library provides several hundred functions that implement
many of the most common algorithms in use in CV applications. It’s
intended to be a substrate upon which both researchers and
commercial developers can immediately begin being productive at
building CV solutions, instead of having to first reimplement the
basic building blocks from white papers and sprinkled bits of
source code.”

“The code is under a BSD-like license which allows either source
or binary redistribution so long as the copyright notice remains
attached. It is perfectly OK to take the library and produce a
commercial product with it, so long as Intel’s name is not used to
promote the product. … Intel has been working on the OSCVL for
approximately three years, growing in scope from one man with a
vision (no pun intended), Gary Bradski, to a multi-national team of
developers. The library has an acceptance and navigating committee
of some of the world’s leading CV experts and a Web-based users
group of over 500 researchers.”

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