Organise your music with Picard

“Don’t panic if your machine can’t tell Barry White apart from
the White Stripes, though: the creators of Picard feel your pain.
That’s why, by the time Picard is finished with your music
collection, each file will know the album it belongs to, the artist
who performed it, its track number within the album and a host of
other details. Picard is simple to get hold of – it’s available in
the software repositories of most distributions. That means it’s
just a matter of running either the apt-get install picard or yum
install picard command to get started.

“However, while the default view when you launch Picard is
sufficient, we think that it adds an unnecessary degree of
separation between you and your files. Thankfully, Picard also
includes a far superior File Browser view, which you can switch to
by going to View > File Browser.

“Now that you’ve changed the view, any new files you add to
Picard will initially show up in the middle panel under the heading
Unmatched Files. Click on one of these files and the left-hand pane
of the bottom panel will display any metadata currently associated
with that file.”


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