OSDir: A GIMP In Photoshop’s Clothing

“There is a love-hate relationship for The GIMP. Whether it’s
deserved or not, the biggest criticism that this open-source,
freeware image editor has gotten is over its user interface. The
comparisons often lead to Adobe’s Photoshop. Perhaps this is
unfair–after all, why should The GIMP developers feel obliged to
make a Photoshop clone?

“However, Photoshop is essentially the industry standard of
sorts in the field of professional and amateur image editing, and,
thus, its interface is the most familiar to many. Scott Moschella
(a user of both Photoshop and The GIMP, and who works as an Segment
Producer for the G4 network’s Attack of the Show!) decided to give
the latter a make-over with the former’s user interface…”