OSNews: First Impressions on Xandros 2.0 Standard Edition

“I first tried Xandros when they released version 1.1. Being
quite skeptical, I was unsure what to expect from this spawn of
Corel Linux. I must admit in general, I was impressed. So needless
to say, I was curious as to whether they managed to improve upon
this distinct distribution and cater to the many requests they
received about various improvements. Update: Another screenshot,
Mozilla on Xandros.

“First let me get a couple of things off my chest: Shame on you
Xandros for continually changing the release date and driving me
insane with fury while forcing me to wait for this version to
finally be released. I have very little hair left, and it’s not
fair to make me pull it out over something silly like waiting for a
release date only to find out it’s changed again the day of…”


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