OSNews: Introducing the Linux-based Moxi

“A few months ago Paul Allen’s Digeo company acquired Moxi, who
at the time was working on a TiVo-like PVR Linux-based solution,
also named Moxi. Many expected that the co-founder of Microsoft
would modify the product to use WindowsCE, but instead the Moxi has
continued to be developed with Linux. In fact, Digeo seems really
happy with the popular open source kernel. Continue reading to
learn more about this exciting new product and view the exclusive
screenshots we have for you.

“We talked with Toby Farrand, Digeo’s CTO last week, and he
provided us with some exclusive insight on the inner workings of
the Moxi product. Digeo specifically chose Linux as the underlying
operating system because of its open nature that allows all kinds
of modifications and because it is fast and stable. ‘It was a very
easy decision’, Mr Farrand told us. ‘Linux is secure, complete and

“Digeo’s developers have made a large number of check-ins to the
2.4 and 2.5 versions of the Linux kernel. These changes were mostly
to do with partitioning code and its security options, but Digeo
are also the main maintainers of the ext3 filesystem. In addition,
the Linux implementation used in Moxi boots from Open


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