OSNews: Introduction to OpenVPN

“At the same time, the modern workplace continuously becomes
more and more geographically dispersed. The ‘work from anywhere’
idea continues to worm its way into the minds of more and more
employees and managers. The forty hour work week, to many folks,
sounds more and more like a pleasant vacation. Leaving ‘work at the
office’ is something more likely to be heard in a television drama
from by-gone years than it is to be uttered in the modern
workplace. VPN systems are a large part of what enables such ‘work
anywhere, anytime’ philosophies to come to life, and for many
businesses, operating without a VPN evokes memories of office life
in the days of mimeograph hegemony.

“Like many computer users and systems administrators, I had used
a variety of VPN solutions over the years. Time and time again, I
had been let down by various VPN solutions both commercial and
free. Last year, however, I finally found a VPN solution that was
easy to use, administer, and debug, as well as fast, flexible, and
free. The client and server both run on numerous platforms,
including (but not limited to) FreeBSD, Linux, MacOS X, and
Windows. OpenVPN was simply a delight to use and administer…”


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