osOpinion: A Pomeranian Playing in Traffic

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“John Taschek, a ZD affiliated “journalist,” recently wrote an
inflammatory article titled “Open source is (so far) an open road
to nowhere.”

“What amazes me the most is that open source has gained
so much momentum without showing any goods…. Someone might notice
that it looks and tastes different, but peel away its layers, and
there’s nothing there.”

“Journalists often mess up facts regarding Linux and open
source projects. Linux enthusiasts are generally pretty good about
assisting journalists by providing factual information and
correcting errors.
I suspect his article attacking open source
for not delivering anything tangible resulted in a flood of people
who actually know something about Linux and open source informing
him that the internet was built upon standards created using “open
source” processes and products. They probably informed him of
products such as Sendmail, Apache, Linux, news servers, FTP
servers, mailing list servers, clusters approaching super-computer
performance, etc, etc, etc.”

“To further add to what should have been his embarrassment
several people pointed out that PC Week (the ZD publication he
appears to be affiliated with) uses Apache as their web server. (As
determined through a query at www.netcraft.com At last count over
60% of domain name web servers on the Internet included in the
survey were running Apache. The NetCraft Survey includes millions
of web servers.)”

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