osOpinion: Armed and Dangerous

[ Thanks to Kelly
for this link. ]

“A friend of mine at work gave me a copy of “Armed Linux” the
other day and asked me to figure it out for him. He’s been curious
about Linux but didn’t want to get involved with a lot of disk
partitioning and some of the problems involved with using a dual
boot system under Windows. Come to think of it, neither do I.”

I took the CD home, unzipped the “ARMED.ZIP” file, read the
README.TXT file, rebooted as instructed, and 10 minutes later I was
net surfing. I was stunned. It found all my hardware and configured
everything correctly except my proxy server. All I could say was,
“Wowser, this is how it oughta be.
” That’s when I knew what’s
keeping the King of Redmond awake at night and why he’s beginning
to take Linux as a serious threat to his empire. He may be crazy
but he’s not stupid.”

“This is “Linux Lite”, “Desktop Linux”, or even “Linux for
Windows”. And this is the danger.”