osOpinion: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

[ Thanks to Kelly
for this link. ]

“No, people, Macs and Linux boxes weren’t spared because
they were more secure. They were spared because they’re _small
fish_. The simple truth is that Windows is the most common OS, so
that’s the one that’s going to be targeted.
What’s the current
figure on PCs running Windows these days? Something like 90%? Think
about it. If you were going to go fishing out in the middle of the
Atlantic, would you bait your hook and hope the minnows were
biting, or would you go after the _BIG_ ones? It’s not that Macs
and Linux systems _can’t_ be affected, it’s that the writers of
these virii and worms just don’t think it’s worth their time.”

“…the Linux proponents are just as bad. Fully half of the ones
you meet online have the same snide superiority complex that Mac
cultists display, and would sooner choke up a hairball than help a
newbie get away from “Microshite Winblows”. All the while, of
course, swearing that Linux will rule the world and not once
stopping to consider that for that to happen, people have to SWITCH
OVER TO LINUX, something that usually requires a little word of
encouragement here, a helping hand there, and a better attitude
toward people who _want_ to use Linux but haven’t learned how yet.
And then there’re the ones that can’t stop espousing the power and
control of a command line interface, sneering at those of us who
prefer a GUI.”

“It’s time to grow up. Save that breath you’ve been wasting on
talk about your superior security, because you’re just deluding
yourself. Sooner or later, someone’s going to code a virus or write
a script that affects Macs and/or Linux machines, for whatever
reason, and that crow you’ve been passing around will end up on
_your_ plate(s).”


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