osOpinion: Caught up in the .NET

[ Thanks to Kelly
for this link. ]

“Maybe when an organization becomes big and wealthy enough, they
can afford more lawyers than programmers…. Seems to me there is
too much “in-breeding” going on in Redmond and they need to come up
for some fresh air.”

“Microsoft claims that their MSDE (Microsoft Database Engine) is
much more robust than MS Jet. (MS Jet is reportedly behind the
Windows System Registory, the Exchange Mail Server storage. The
follow-on to MS-Jet, MSDE, is reportedly behind the W2K Active
Directory.) If you want to know about how robust the MS-Jet
Database Engine is/was just ask anyone who has tried to do
development using MS Access or worked as an e-mail administrator
supporting MS Exchange server!!! (Might want to put in earplugs
before you ask the question.)….”

I used to feel sorry for people who never examined Linux,
*BSD, or other alternatives. I no longer feel that way.
It is
pretty clear that MS wants to make developers, users, tech support,
administrators, and everyone else dependent on them. It will be
phrased in very colorful and appealing terms – but make no mistake
about it – what they really want is for you to get CAUGHT IN THE

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