osOpinion: Choosing Open Source: What Does It Mean

[ Thanks to Kelly
for this link. ]

“We as programmers have an enormous say in how this new digital
world will work. In a real way, we are writing the laws that our
fellowmen and children will live by in the years to come. That is
an awesome responsibility and one that not many programmers fully
realize. “

“So I guess if I had to formulate a succinct answer to Joe’s
question, I’d have to say this: Linux is not behind Windows because
Linux isn’t *following* Windows. We’re doing things a different
way, the *correct* way. We admit bugs when they happen and do our
best to fix them. Our feature sets are not dictated by marketing
and PR departments. We give back to the community. We help each
other. We foster the belief that stability and correctness are
fundamental to design. We do not lie to our users or to each other.
Money is nice, but it’s not our primary motivator. We are proud,
passionate, nettlesome, partisan, opinionated, occasionally
muleheaded and foul-mouthed. Linux is a belief system and a
philosophy as much as a body of software.”

“I choose to belong to this society because I want to stand
for something. I want my *code* to stand for something besides
profit and loss.”


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