osOpinion: Curing the Linux Zealot

[ Thanks to Kelly
for this link. ]

“Linux enthusiasts often come under scrutiny from users of
proprietary systems.”

Not all users of proprietary systems look upon Linux
enthusiasts with disdain.
The last place I worked at, the
networking department installed a proprietary firewall system that
had a limitation of 100 active rules. (For an installation with
about 5,000 users this can present significant challenges.) The
personnel would have preferred to use Open Source tools in order to
accomplish the same tasks with greater flexibility….”

“There is no way to get rid of the Linux Zealot until the people
labeling them realize that they have simply chosen an “alternative
computing lifestyle.” Even though Linux enthusiasts take pride in
their choice of operating system, realize that most of us greatly
anticipate the day when truly open standards prevail: When a user’s
choice of software is no more significant than their choice of car,
long distance provider, cell phone service, internet service
provider, water company, stereo equipment, electric company, fax
machine, modem. (But wait, you say, those are all insignificant
choices. And why? Because all those things are based on the use of
open standards which supports full inter-operability.)”

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