osOpinion: Definitions For a Free and Open World

[ Thanks to Kelly
for this link. ]

“The FREE SOFTWARE movement and the OPEN SOURCE movement are TWO
DIFFERENT movements! They might share some methods, but the goals
are DIFFERENT! Therefore talking about Richard Stallman’s “open
source philosophy” is incorrect, he is part of the Free Software

“In other words, Open Source’s main goal is about producing
high-quality software, while the Free Software movement’s main goal
is to have software that is FREE (as in freedom). That doesn’t mean
that the Open Source movement is not worried about freedom, and
that the Free Software movement is not worried about quality. It
simply means that the priorities are different!…”

The KDE/GNOME (or GNOME/KDE) issue shows exactly this, the
KDE team wanted to develop a high-quality desktop environment,
while the GNOME guys wanted to develop a 100% free desktop