osOpinion: Exit Stage Left, – Out the WINDOW Pursued by ANGRY PENGUIN?!

[ Thanks to Kelly
for this link. ]

“There is more than one open-source project cloning the Windows
APIs. There is wine, there is twin and twine, microwindows, there
is reactos, and openwindows. Not to forget WinX and PetrOS….”

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And this
flattery fixes the Windows API, gives it some stability. Which
Microsoft can’t see, as yet.
It even helps protect Microsoft’s
sizeable investment in Windows from an adverse judgement in the US
Supreme Court….”

“Linux was written for one chip, the i80386, and that chip only.
I’m sure Linus Torvalds will be only too happy to confirm that
detail. Certainly SLS 0.99nnn never contained any mention that
Linux would soon be ported all over the show! Now Linux is being
ported to every chip on the market, if my information serves me
correctly. Fine, now Linux appears to be carrying the rest of the
open source movement along with it. How long will the Windows APIs
be restricted to one chip, and one chip only? Now that they are
being slowly but surely liberated from Microsoft’s exclusive

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