osOpinion: First Amendment, Captive Markets: P2P’s Real Issues

[ Thanks to D.Manchester for this link.

“When P2P (Peer-to-Peer Computing) and micropayments collide,
the real casualty will be the existing economic system. True Open
Source P2P micropayments could just mean the elimination of banks
as middlemen, at the worst; at best, being relegated to the
comparatively non-lucrative position as clearing agents. This will
depend on what form P2P micropayment systems take. But what about
Human Freedom to share ideas? What about Free Speech? What about
Freedom to Assemble?”

“The issue at stake here is the Freedom to Assemble without
special dispensation from the government or private arbiters of who
shall be allowed Individual Rights, and who must give up those

“Individuals are going to share ideas in whatever form. And they
are not going to pay a toll each time they retrieve those ideas in
whatever form. They won’t pay a fee for unscrewing bottle caps when
they’ve already purchased the liquid inside. Neither will they do
it when the contents are a movie on a DVD, with MP3s, or CDs.”

“Should the Artists create a viable peer-to-peer
micropayments system for the Web
, we won’t even need banks.
Soon, the Artists will be in a position to take 90
percent…not the pittance the RIAA hands them for their
Intellectual Property they were duped into handing over as “work
for hire” in order to get that recording contract.”

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