osOpinion: How Open Source Could Help To Build a Better Mouse Trap

[ Thanks to Kelly
for this link. ]

“Everybody seems to be talking about a “Linux For The Masses”
these days – Open Source on every desktop. I think of that as an
intriguing idea and heartwarming perspective, but not as one that
can be made a reality easily. A much lower hanging fruit, however,
is to have the Open Source-model as the standard for developing
development tools for firmware and embedded systems and THAT’S a
concept that really excites me. Linux, Open Source-tools and
embedded systems – a match made in heaven….

“Linux has the potential of becoming the alternative to
Microsoft-Anything and I also think that’s a very rewarding and
honorable goal. Linux scores big in stability, availability for
many hardware platforms, technical elegance and most certainly
price. The problems (or, as most product managers would say:
“challenges”) Linux is facing are: it is a challenge in itself to
use it, and: Microsoft has become ubiquitous on the desktop – which
means that it will be hard to topple….”

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