osOpinion: How Penguins Survive: Why the Free Software movement is Unkillable

[ Thanks to Kelly
for this link. ]

Threats don’t work against the flock. Direct assault
doesn’t work. There are too many penguins to deal with
individually, too little focus for serious control by an external
entity. So, what methods are left to an aggressor?

“Attrition – picking off the penguins one by one. This has
numerous disadvantages for an aggressor, not the least of which is
that there are simply too many penguins. Or like a bear fishing at
an ice-hole, the aggressor may find that the penguins move too
fast. Worse, while they’re busy giving penguins an unbearable time,
an orca (competitor) may pop up through the ice behind them and not
so much eat their lunch as eat them for lunch….”

“Starvation – removing opportunities for the flock to feed.
Following a “scorched ice” policy is difficult, at best. For the
aggressor, all of the disadvantages of attrition are present, and
in addition there are maneuverability issues….”

“Subversion – getting the penguins to believe lies. While many
individual penguins are highly skeptical, others are not. This
presents two avenues of attack, and I believe this is the most
dangerous threat to the Open Source community….”