osOpinion: It’s Time To Offer New Linux Branding

[ Thanks to Kelly
for this link. ]

“Back in October 10, 1997 the Intel-based Unix community tried
to get together and create the long sought after goal: A common
binary for x86 opcode UNIX From http://www.telly.org/8
6open/orig.html “The goal of this effort is to encourage software
developers to port to the UNIX-Intel platform by reducing the
effort needed to support the diverse mix of operating systems of
this kind currently available.”

“Events overtook this project….at least from a technical
perspective. The final update of July 25th, 1999 at
http://www.telly.org/ 86open/index.html says “With these
announcements, the need for a distinct common binary is gone.”

Like OpenSource was a matter of education, the branding of
“Linux-compatible” now needs education.

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