osOpinion: Learning From The Past

[ Thanks to Kelly
for this link. ]

A very common proverb states: “Those who fail to learn from
the past are destined to repeat it.” It’s strange to think that
Linux, as old as it is, should learn from the past.
What could
have happened that the Linux community needs to learn about? The
answer may surprise you: Microsoft.”

“We must learn from Microsoft’s failures. Microsoft would have
you believe they have never failed, but in this case, they
recovered nicely, and DOS is virtually dead. The incident to which
I am referring is the way that Microsoft killed off Windows 3.1 and
DOS, and moved the world over to Windows 95 with one slick

“Zooming back to the very near future, Linux is taking the
commercial world by storm; it has gained wide acceptance with IBM
and HP’s backing; and is replacing Windows NT in the back office.
Sun Microsystems is giving away an office productivity suite that
rivals Microsoft Office, but now the workers are revolting, saying:
“Why should I have to use Linux on my desktop? I know Windows 2000
real well. Can’t I use Windows?” At this point, we ask: what does
Windows have over Linux?…”