osOpinion: Linux in the Enterprise: Fact vs. FUD

[ Thanks to Kelly
for this link. ]

“When I first started touting Linux as a soon-to-be superior
alternative to Microsoft Windows, almost no one at my company had
even heard of the product. Nearly two years later, it’s difficult
to find a computer magazine that does not extoll the virtues of
Linux. However, these praises are often laced with caveats: Linux
is a “server OS”, that it’s difficult for novices, that it’s “not
ready for the desktop”. To some extent these concerns are simply
due to a reasonable fear of the unknown. However, lately we are
beginning to see more FUD1 being deliberately spread about Linux,
very little of which is based in truth. Here is a link to a superb
example, the Microsoft “Linux Myths” page:…”

The purpose of this essay is to address some of these
concerns, to demonstrate why Linux is a viable alternative for
Windows 98/NT as both a server and a workstation, to demonstrate
that Linux is here for the long-haul, and explain why it will
inevitably become a dominant force in the operating systems


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