osOpinion: Microsoft Owns the Web; Why You Shouldn’t Use IE5

“The web is about sharing information, between different
internet platforms (for example, Sun Workstations and Web TV),
between peoples of different languages, between the past and the
future. International standards for content and appearance markup
permit this sharing.”

“Microsoft, despite participating in developing HTML 4, offers
IE5 which fails to support many HTML4 features. Soon only one
voice: that of Microsoft, will prevail. Already coders must accept
the features Microsoft permits while awaiting forever-postponed
versions that Microsoft promises will, truly this time, support
HTML standards.
When coders write to Microsoft standards, web
pages become incomprehensible, and, as the quote at the beginning
of this article shows, readers are blamed for Microsoft’s

“Anyone who desires more or better than Microsoft permits will
suffer. HTML’s promise will be an ivory-tower dream of computer
professionals out-of-touch with the needs of millions of users; a
dream subordinated to Microsoft’s greed and hegemony.”