osOpinion: Not all who say to me `Linux, Linux’…

[ Thanks to Kelly
for this link. ]

“So, when the SCO entourage rolled into the Bang!inux conference
in India last weekend, were they wringing their hands and asking
our forgiveness? No, they were not; I’m sorry to say that the FUD
was out in full force again. Nothing has changed here since a year
ago and beyond. Same old SCO. Let’s see what happened this

If you’re going to walk into the lion’s den, the first
thing you should remember is to be careful not to tread on the
lion’s toes.
And when the opening keynote by Tony Baines of
SCO appeared dedicated to telling a gathering of Linux users why
SCO UNIX was more suitable for server applications than Linux, five
hundred lions began to lick their lips….”

“The old guard is the style of business that says FUD is the way
to sell products. It’s the style of business that says if you make
the right noises to the Open Source community, they’ll treat you as
part of the community. It’s the style of business that says the way
you market is more important than what you do.”