osOpinion: Open Source Software in a Different Light

[ Thanks to Kelly
for this link. ]

“What possibilities exist that the primary proponents of the
concept, and thus the perceptions of Open Source software, haven’t
conveyed the essence or its true meaning? Put another way, can
conventional thinking provide the distinctions necessary for
commerce to thrive under Open Source or will people merely adapt to
the existing belief system which originally excludes Open

“Depending on how one invests them in the reality of Open
Source, the full cognition of it may elude its advocates and
provide a false perception within the public perception. In
exploring some realities of Open Source, we can begin to understand
the drivers of the shift in the models of how software is made and
distributed in the near and distant future.”

“For background, please understand I tend to write when events
around me trigger something I recognize but can’t describe exactly.
I use writing as a way to gain clarity on a subject invoked. For
instance, last Friday, a lead software engineer at my company,
uploaded a piece of server software to our ftp site. The product
runs on Sun Solaris 2.6 – 8. I got excited because the project
shares the same code base as its predecessor developed for Linux as
a messaging and collaboration server for Microsoft Outlook.”

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