[ Thanks to Kelly
for this link. ]

With GNU on Linux systems, we have an opportunity, but it
is just that. Without being truly ready, we can well do ourselves
damage by pushing too hard too soon (just like childbirth, for
those who know it).
Until we not only have the goods, the
word-processor, the browser, the database and spreadsheet, but we
also have these in a form that captures the experience and
expectations which people already possess, a big media splash is a
dangerous thing….”

“Should we persist in inventing and perfecting mass-appeal Linux
systems even if we cannot ‘succeed’ in the market until all of us
are ready? The answer, of course, is ‘yes’, but with a mind to the
principle of Industrial Time Lags. Fortunately, these lags are
predictable, and for those planning to ramp up for a Linux service
industry infrastructure, this news might save your life….”

“The upshot of all this is that we cannot expect to see Linux in
the mainstream today, or even next year, at least not in the same
way that we see other platforms. This is not a prophesy of doom, it
is not FUD, it is just the way it is in our industry: Those who
push the 5-year lag are banging into a brick wall, which is ok so
long as you know that this is what you are doing. Walls do fall and
won’t if no one bangs into them; it is only frustrating and
depressing if you think that you should be going faster.”