osOpinion: Sinking Into Fascism: The MPAA dives deeper

[ Thanks to Kelly
for this link. ]

“It appears that the MPAA have gone from simply ‘trying to
control DVD piracy’ to outright control of what a consumer is
allowed to see on a DVD that the consumer purchased. Region codes,
recent injunctions against mere hyperlinks, overly strict
licensure, heavy restriction of ‘legitimate’ DVD viewing software,
and even a 1.2 million unit recall by Sony PlayStation over a
slip-up in region code allowances… I won’t even need to mention
the constant bullying of ISP’s, the MPAA oftentimes over-stepping
their jurisdiction whilst doing so. This mess, in toto, has brought
more than a few shades of fascism to the digital world, courtesy of
the MPAA. (I mean, So what if a PlayStation can view any and all
DVD’s in spite of region code… where is the supposed pirating in

I suspect that the MPAA has but one clear goal in this
world: To literally spoon-feed “entertainment” to the public on
their terms, period….

“In spite of these warnings, I am heartened by one thing… What
makes the MPAA think that they can actually enforce this domination
that they apparently want? By taking on the Internet community,
they may have bitten off far more than they can safely choke down,
let alone chew…”