osOpinion: The Best Time To Convert To Linux is…

[ Thanks to Kelly
for this link. ]

Why, that best time is right now. Especially now. Of
course, most Linux advocates would find the 365 best days in which
to convert one’s network to Linux, and from my side of the fence, I
can say that yes, they’re perfectly right.
However, I wish to
point out that now is the absolute best time for one great big
reason – well, okay, quite a few great big reasons: Windows
Professional 2000, Windows Server 2000, Exchange 2000, Outlook
2000, Office 2000 …see the pattern developing yet?…”

“After all, the management is going to have to spend money
anyhow, convert a huge chunk of their network, and even have to put
up with learning a new way to get their work done… so either way,
you’ve got all the upheaval and forced change no matter which OS
you wind up using. The short form of this article is to do the
following: explain the differences between the two, and the rest
will come along quite nicely. However, for those who don’t know how
to get that done, I’ve put together a slightly longer version of
points that need to be brought before management….”

“Linux is by far the most stable and reliable of the two
choices, as proven by a long and untouchable track record. You can
keep a Linux machine running on a scale that lasts literally years
at a time. NT has nowhere near reached that record, MS’ assertions
be damned: This is due to the simple fact that NT requires a reboot
for most normal updates and patches, and even Win2k will most
likely suffer this problem as well (though MS is admittedly trying
to improve that facet of systems administration…)”