osOpinion: The newbie network administrator and open source: I fear Skippy

[ Thanks to Kelly
for this link. ]

“In general I find Skippy so endearing. Here’s a young person
who’s starting out his first real job. I can bet you that the
secretaries give poor Skippy lots of homemade cookies and muffins
while he slaves late into the night setting up the network or
installing software that the suits are too lazy or too fearful to

“Skippy is at least forthright that he’s not too inexperienced
about both LINUX and NT. However, that inexperience doesn’t deter
him from concluding that NT is superior. My jaw hit the floor in
incredulity at the sheer chutzpah. Here’s a wet behind the ears kid
who got his MSCE last year by the Great Innovator and suddenly
Skippy’s endowed with expertise….”

What so outrages me is your total lack of initiative
because Mommy Microsoft will take care of everything….

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