osOpinion: The Risks of Closed Source Computing

[ Thanks to Kelly
for this link. ]

A closed source strategy exposes the company to serious
business risk. As many telephony companies have discovered, your OS
supplier might suddenly decide to be your competitor.
It would
be naive to think they pay the same price internally within the OS
supplier that they levy for licensing in competitors telephony
products. No company can survive with a critical component totally
controlled by a competitor. They will be systematically bled of
money, and them stomped.”

“There is also no comeback in a closed source environment. Big
name software vendors fill their licenses with clauses that both
deny anyone else the right to deal with their software bugs, and
deny the right of the purchaser to expect problems to be fixed.
Absolute power is exercised over bug fixing. Are you now a
competitor, did your CEO say something critical about the vendor?
Maybe that is why you can’t get a show-stopper bug fixed.”