osOpinion: Trying to Scale the Linux Mountain

[ Thanks to Kelly
for this link. ]

“I like Linux it’s a great OS, and I use it extensively for my
workstation and small Internet servers, DNS mostly. You can’t beat
Linux for a cool desktop, and small servers. However in the last
few weeks I’ve begun to wonder when Linux is going to start
competing with major UNIX’s in the server arena.”

“The old FUD reasons for dismissing Linux out of hand are really
gone for the most part. RedHat and others have dedicated themselves
to providing dial-up support. Not that you’d really need it,
there’s such a wealth of information free for the asking on the
Internet. However, when presented with mission critical mid to
large sized applications, would I bet my future and my companies on
Linux? Six months ago I would have said yes, today I

“As flawed as it was, the Mindcraft study proved one thing to
me. Linux doesn’t scale, not to the order that Solaris, IRIX, or
HP/UX do. I assume that AIX scales in the same order of these
OS’es. Yes, people have put together massive Beowolf clusters, even
SGI is putting together a 128-node cluster, but those are
supercomputers that run proprietary software…”