osOpinion: Tux, Say Hi to Wanda

[ Thanks to Kelly
for this link. ]

I am one of those Penguinistas who have tried to wean their
wives off Windows. My opportunity came last year when Wanda and I
had to share a computer for a while.
When she saw the KDE
desktop for the first time she exclaimed, “Hey! It’s just like
Windows!” That wasn’t the last time I heard that observation. My
usual response now is, “No, it’s not like Windows. It’s better.” I
set up kppp so she could get onto the ‘Net. We live way out in the
country and our ISP is also our local telephone company, so we’re
stuck with dial-up until DirecTV starts offering ‘Net

“Wanda is thoroughly familiar with MS Word and Excel. She
expects me to install hardware (CD-RW, AGP video card, Yamaha XG
sound card) but she can install software herself and teach herself
to use it. More than once she has rescued me when I botched a
software installation and started cursing Microsoft….”

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