osOpinion: Unixtosh

[ Thanks to Kelly
for this link. ]

“Macintosh and Linux users aren’t the most identical computer
users in the world, you’ll agree. It’s very easy for a Linux user
to dismiss Mac users as:”

“ordinary point-and-click users, sitting with their
mice, not having a technological clue; and what’s more, they’re
really chained, they’re using proprietary hardware and software

“Or for a Mac user to deride Linux users as:”

“technical snobs, typing on the arcane command-line
all day long, playing with their machines instead of doing real
work on them; they can’t rest a single second without recompiling
the kernel!”

So on the surface, the Mac and Linux communities seem very,
very dissimilar. The similarities between the two communities are
inner, spiritual, and – hopefully in the near future – in like