osOpinion: Up Scope!: SCO Gets Real

[ Thanks to Kelly
for this link. ]

“If you’re going to support Open Source, you support it not just
with words but with releases. You also must approach it looking for
what you can give to the community, not what you get out of it. For
companies, it requires a complete `paradigm shift’ – and I
apologise to the programming community for using such a banal
phrase – because doing something purely for altruistic motives
isn’t a very well-accepted business model, or at least, not

“So in order to commit to Open Source, you have to leave
well-accepted business models behind in favour of new ones, and I’m
going to be watching SCO extremely closely to see if that’s
happening there….”

“Reading the announcement this morning, one thing particularly
struck me. They’ve chosen to release under the BSD license.
This is fantastic. This rocks. This is a Good Thing. This initially
turned me on to the fact that someone there has got a clue and is
not afraid to use it.